IWPR Giving Voice, Driving Change

November 12th 2019

GMT Media has been working with IWPR in 2019 to support the work it does in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Whether people live in crisis, civil war or transition, The Institute of War and Peace Reporting is there alongside those who want to drive positive change in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Where there are authentic voices that want to be heard, that want to argue for social inclusion and justice for all, then IWPR stands with them, building support networks and offering coaching and connections. IWPR's impact is impressive. Its champions saved thousands of lives in Mosul, have won rights for Iraq’s gypsies, have helped train world-leading voices for change like Malala and and are inspiring some of Central Asia’s most promising journalists in the Kazak, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek languages.

Often unnoticed and working in the background, IWPR delivers stunning impact that few NGOs can match.

As the world watches a new and highly motivated generation take to the streets, demanding their rights and a future they can call their own, IWPR is there supporting and encouraging peaceful change and building resilient networks of like-minded voices that resonate with their peers and inspire admiration around the world.